Concurrent meeting on Waves and Turbulence in Cambridge Engineering

Pasta-turbulenceDuring 14-25 July there is an International Network Meeting on Waves and Turbulence in Rotating, Stratified, and Electrically Conducting Fluids, held in the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.  Some of the talks at this meeting may be of interesting to TWW2014 participants.  The sessions include “Zonal flows and beta-plane turbulence”, “Zonal jet formation by PV mixing”, “Internal waves” (including a talk by Victor Shrira), “Stratified turbulence”, “MHD turbulence”, as well as discussion sessions on “Cascades and Ekman layers” and “Rotation, dynamo & magnetic field generation”.  Detailed programme information, list of participants, and location can be found at the meeting website.

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