Recovering a surface water-wave profile from pressure field measurements

tsunami-buoy The idea of recovering the characteristics of a surface water wave, given only the pressure at a single or multiple location on the ocean bottom, is a problem of great interest in tsunami prediction, and in recovering ocean surface fields for comparison with model equations.  Bernard Deconinck gave a talk about this problem where he summarized recent work reported in Oliveras, Vasan, Deconinck & Henderson (2012).    The assumptions were that the fluid is two dimensional, no surface tension, inviscid, zero atmospheric pressure field, and irrotational. By using an integral equation approach they were able to find a formula for the free surface position h(x,t) given the dynamic pressure field p(x,t) at the bottom.  This formula was compared with experiments done at Diane Henderson’s lab at Penn State, and showed excellent agreement.  The talk also mentioned other recent work on this problem by Clamond & Constantin (2013) and Clamond (2013). A video of the talk is available here.

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