Coastal modelling at HR Wallingford

mj20050101_29At the Water Waves in Industry event, Nigel Bunn, Principal Scientist at the Hydrodynamics and Met-Ocean Group at HR Wallingford, gave a talk on the range of numerical and physical modelling of waves at HR Wallingford.  Some of their challenges are (a) establishing nearshore wave climate for offshore wind energy farms, (b) integrating forecasts into modelling, (c) obtaining accurate bathymetry data, (d) improvement of statistical representations of the wave fields, and improvement of numerical modelling.  Key numerical modelling tools are SWAN, Boussinesq shallow water models with parameterised wave breaking, CFD codes such as openFOAM, and a recently developed in house particle-mesh Lagrangian-Eulerian method called PICIN.  Preliminary results using PICIN can be found here.  Physical modelling is still important for difficult situations like complex breakwaters, scouring, and moored vessel stability.  He talked about the new £3.5 million facility, completed in 2005, with state of the art modelling, called the Froude Modelling Hall.  A video of the talk is available here.

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