Computational Fluid Dynamics at Wikki Ltd

image_previewAs part of the Water Waves in Industry event, Hrvoje Jasak, a Director at Wikki Ltd and Professor of Engineering at Zagreb University, presented the CFD view of modelling ocean waves.  Wikki Ltd is a consultancy involved with software development in computational continuum mechanics.  He presented a range of examples including ship wave interaction, as illustrated above, and simulation of wave loads on static offshore structures.  A key tool is an in-house modified version of openFOAM called foam-extend. Extensions to CFD include speedup using large Courant numbers, by implicitizing key equations, partitioning of the field and using slow methods for refined areas and fast methods for relatively quiescent flow, input of Bretschneider and other sea spectra as boundary conditions, and parameterisation of boundary layers.  The talk was based on joint work with I Gatin and Vukcevic.  A link to the company is here.  A video of the talk is available here.

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